Reticence - Kourosh Golnari

1x1 Art Gallery and Vida Heydari are pleased to present “Reticence”, Kourosh Golnari’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The show features a collection of new sculptures and textile works along with editions of some of his most iconic works over the years.

Kourosh  Golnari is a sculpture graduate from the college of Fine Arts of Tehran University. He is an art research graduate as well as a faculty member of the Art University of Tehran. He has been a jury member of various festivals and biennales in Iran as well as the secretary general of the 7th National Sculpture Biennale in Tehran. He is active in the field of sculpture, painting, installation, video and environmental art and his works are part of numerous national and international collections.

Artist Statement

Narration, by nature, requires omission. And since the history we know is only what was narrated, the unspoken has often gotten left behind. Intrigued by this reticence, I set on a path to patch this unknown from the past to the present, seeking to represent the omitted. However, what is lost can never be coherent, and hence, the vague and the mysterious are what truly depict the unspoken history of femininity that can be felt amongst the narrations of men in Iran’s pictorial past. It is this iconic visage that manifests as an allegory for the women of this land across mediums and scriptures, and for me, this lipless, faceless and wordless countenance today represents a narration of the history of their silence – a narration of the untold.

-  Kourosh  Golnari

Reticence - Kourosh Golnari